Rodent Control in the Hamilton, Ontario Area

Mouse / Rodent Control Treatment: Extermination, Prevention  

Keeping rodents out of your home can be a challenge. Even the tiniest gap may allow a mouse to squeeze through, gaining access to your home. Once in a home, these invaders adapt to the structure by chewing electrical wires, in some cases causing a fire.

We offer several solutions to your rodent problem. Poison baits are used safely and can quickly eliminate a rodent infestation. However, we can also free your home of rodents without the use of any poison, including mouse traps for mice control, or rat traps for rat control, and more. Call and ask us what is the best solution for your home or business.

The best way to keep rodents out of your home is to seal them out. We can “rodent proof” your home be sealing and repairing rodent entry points. A free estimate and recommendations are provided during your service inspection.