Residential Pest, Wildlife and Bird Control in the Hamilton, Ontario Area


Residential Pest Control: Keep Your Whole Family Safe 

Our residential pest control service starts with a complete inspection, locating the source of infestation and eliminating entry points and nesting sites. Most pests are vectors of disease and can cause health concerns within your home.


Limited Use of Chemicals in Your Home and Environment

Let us solve your pest issue and help maintain a safe environment. Your concern is our focus.

We customize your treatment program to suit your needs and to eliminate invasive pests as quickly as possible. We offer both chemical and non-chemical means of eliminating pests.

Almost all pest problems start outside the home. Our exterior preventative home service provides a barrier against both insects and rodents. By treating the exterior, unwanted pests are prevented from invading your home. This exterior treatment controls many different types of pests including a wide variety of insects as well as rodents. We can rodent proof your home. Call and ask us how.





Listen to An Overjoyed Residential Customer

“We moved from Burlington to Caistor Centre six months ago and we absolutely love having a more rural take on life. One unexpected and unwelcomed aspect of country living was realized when the great outdoors started to invite itself indoors.

When we’d moved in at the end of March, we’d been told by the home’s previous owners that occasionally finding signs of mice in the house had been an on-going problem which they were battling with a competing pest control company. By mid-summer we’d noticed that a significant number of yellow jackets had taken up residence out of sight, behind out soffit just over our front door and, just as it is at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, flight traffic was quite heavy. No one had yet been stung, but the threat was ever-present, and was (literally) hanging over us 24/7! And if these two pest problems weren’t enough, we’d also developed a problem with resourceful nesting sparrows which had discovered and claimed small nooks and crannies along the uppermost areas of our front and side outside walls/roofline, behind the soffit-work.

Our “TRIPLE TROUBLE” proved NO TROUBLE AT ALL for “Complete Pest Control”. Anna Klich responded to our call and immediately set to work to remedy our pest problems. Within just a couple of days, the yellow jackets were either dead or else had fled their hive, and the industrious sparrows had flown the coop when their nooks and crannies suddenly vanished. No traces of any mice have thus far been seen since Anna’s second visit. Her proactive approach to rodent control is logical and has proven to be highly successful; get the mice BEFORE then get into the house. She surveyed the exterior of our house and carefully selected areas where poison traps should be best positioned in order to be most effective; her strategy has resulted in a now “mouseless house”!

-Ken Britt