Humane Wildlife Control in the Hamilton, Ontario Area


Our compassionate experts carefully remove and even relocate Ontario wildlife

There is a place for all wildlife but this does not include our homes or businesses. Once in a home, these animals can be extremely destructive, creating foul odors, stains, spreading disease and chewing wires and insulation. Complete Pest Control Solutions Inc. is your best bet for wildlife control in Hamilton and area.


Ethical Capture, Removal and Prevention

All of our wildlife control solutions include ethical, humane treatment and removal of nuisance wildlife. We prevent them from returning by repairing all entry points and further wildlife-proofing your home if necessary.
Send us pictures of the damage done by the raccoon, squirrel, opossum or skunk and we will give you an estimate, or give us a call and we will listen to your concerns.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing what’s best for your family and home, as well as the animals involved.


We Get Rid of Any & All Common Wildlife Pests



Getting rid of skunks is not an easy task for amateurs – best to leave this tricky task to professionals. We offer humane animal removal services and will get rid of skunks for you. Skunk repellants are generally not as effective a treatment as skunk removal.



Raccoons in the attic? Raccoon removal is the best method for getting rid of raccoons; raccoon repellants again are not usually as effective.  Our wildlife raccoon control expert will use raccoon traps to safely and permanently relocate these cute but potentially destructive critters.


Once again, squirrel traps are the best method for effective long-term squirrel removal; squirrel repellant just won’t do the job. When squirrels take up residence in the attic they are a real nuisance pest, and very difficult to get rid of. Squirrel control services are provided by our team of wildlife animal control specialists. The best squirrel deterrent to prevent repeat visitors is preventative maintenance & repair to seal entry points.


Our wildlife removal and pest management services include bat removal.


Not all pest control companies offer “critter control” for opossum’s, but we do! Ask us about our opossum wildlife pest control services.