Flea Control in the Hamilton, Ontario Area

Flea and Insect Control Treatment: Extermination

These tiny terrors cause itchy, red, painful bites. Although they mainly feed on pets, they also feed on humans and can be found on wildlife, rats and mice. Flea bites tend to be concentrated from the knees down, although bites can be found anywhere.

Any animal which goes outside is likely to pick up fleas from the environment. Fleas can transmit tape worm to household pets and even humans. It is best to keep pets on a systemic flea medication through the summer and fall months to help prevent a flea infestation.

A large part of the flea’s life cycle is spent in the pet’s environment, such as carpets and furniture, making treatment of these areas essential. A typical flea infestation is about 50% eggs, 35% larvae, 10% pupae and only 5% adult fleas. The life cycle of the flea may be as short as two weeks. Both pet and home will need to be treated to prevent and eliminate a flea infestation.