Bird Control Solutions in the Hamilton, Ontario Area


Birds Can Be Serious Pests: Invest in Ontario's Bird Control Experts

Birds are beautiful creatures but sometimes can become serious pests. They pose a health threat when in close proximity to humans. In terms of disease and damage, birds are very similar to rodents. They harbor many different parasites and can host many types of infectious disease. For these reasons, urban pigeon control and other “pest bird” control is an important aspect of our pest control services in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Bird Control Treatment: Intimidate and Relocate

Canada Geese, seagulls and swallows are protected birds under Canadian law. We obtain the proper permits to control such birds, through various means.


Expert Falconry and Highly Trained Bird Control Dogs

Often falconry is used in combination with trained dogs to eliminate problem birds. Falconry includes the use of trained birds of prey such as hawk or owls, to scare and relocate problem birds. This is accomplished by relying on a natural “predator-prey” relationship that exists between birds. It is nature`s way of  controlling bird populations.

We provide both predators in the air and on the ground for bird control. The dogs work the ground while the birds of prey take flight.

No birds are harmed in this process and all activities are performed by a licensed falconer.


Max, Expertly trained bird control dog



We Get Rid of Any and All Common Pest Birds


Canada Geese






Zeus, Pest Bird Control Hawk

Hear From A Satisfied Customer

“Located along the lake, our plant developed a serious seagull problem. The plant roof was completely covered in seagulls, nesting material and droppings. We tried a variety of deterrents but the gulls continued to congregate, they were taking over.
Finally we hired Anna and her team of hawks. These amazing birds quickly regained control, clearing the property within a few visits.
We’ll be calling Complete Pest Control Solutions for any future pest issues that should arise.”

-Steve A. (Maintenance Supervisor, Samuel Plate Sales)