Get to Know Our Award-Winning Wildlife and Pest Control Team


Anna Klich, Owner 


Meet Complete Pest Control Solutions' bird and pest control expert and falconer, Anna Klich (with bird control partner Oscar).


Falconer, licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources
Structural Exterminator, licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment
Pesticides Operator, licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment
Certified Ontario Trapper, licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources

Awards and Media

“Pest Control” Platinum Winner, Hamilton Community News 2013 Reader’s Choice Award

Featured in Niagara This Week –  “Of Birds and Bugs“- read the full article here


More About Complete Pest Control Solutions Inc.

Complete Pest Control Solutions Inc. is the Hamilton Area’s choice for eco-friendly, effective wildlife and pest control. We are committed to protecting the health of individuals, families, and property, in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Our team of experts has over 20 years experience in falconry and the pest control industry. Our knowledge and expertise will solve your pest problem with minimal use of chemicals. We specialize in preventative pest control by focusing on exterior treatment programs and sealing all pest entry points.

We care…and take the time to help you understand exactly what needs to be done to solve  your pest or wildlife problem. Your peace of mind is our goal.

Rest assured your pest issue will be solved – we guarantee it!

The Complete Pest Control Solutions Inc. exceptional human team of pest exterminators is complemented by our outstanding canine and bird partners. Read on to meet our team of bird control experts.








Our Highly Trained Animal Team

Max, Master Goose Control Dog

Nixon, Bird Control Dog

Meet our team of bird control experts

Max & Nixon are master goose control dogs and part-time Actors! They love to put geese in their place, chasing them off  your property. They work well alongside the raptors, chasing geese on land and in the water. Max and Nixon work the ground while the raptors take flight. Together they make a great team.

Zeus, Highly Trained Harris Hawk

When our hawks take flight they are quick and agile, posing a threat to all pest birds.

These hawks cope well during the hot summer days, defending property. They spend many of their days on roof tops controlling invasive seagull populations.

Oscar, Highly Trained Eagle Owl

Owls are top predators, making all pest birds fear them. Just the sight of these powerful birds is enough to scare pest birds off to another location.
Eagle Owls are the largest owl in the world with large feet and powerful talons.

Great Horned Owls, pound for pound are the toughest of the raptors.