Ant Control in the Hamilton, Ontario Area


Ant Control Treatment: Inspection, Extermination, Prevention 

Our ant pest control services are customized to exterminate and prevent against future infestations, based on the type of ant problem you may be experiencing.


Carpenter Ants

These large, black ants can cause extensive damage to your home and infrastructure. They will excavate tunnels through wood and may create piles of sawdust in your home, evidence of a carpenter ant infestation. Moist wood is preferred by this ant, as it is easier to tunnel through. Tracking and treating all colonies of carpenter ants can be difficult. Preventative measures are the best way of controlling these ants. An exterior inspection is critical,identifying nesting areas and eliminating old rotting wood piles, logs and tree stumps.

Pavement Ants

These small black or brown ants are the most common of the ants. They will nest outdoors under stones and along driveways, sidewalks, rocks and bricks.  They tunnel into the soil to excavate their colony, forming visible mounds of sandy soil. Directly treating these areas is necessary to eliminate pavement ants. Both an indoor and outdoor treatment program works best against these ants.

Pharaoh Ants

These annoying, tiny ants are persistent and can be difficult to control. They are light in color (yellowish/orange) and can spread quickly through a building. If the colony is disturbed, a part will branch off and migrate to a new location to establish several new colonies. This behavior is called “budding”. The use of insecticides is often the cause of a colony split and therefore should be avoided. An indoor baiting program is the best solution to a pharaoh ant infestation. Bait placed along ant trails will eliminate an infestation. However, several treatments may be necessary.





Hear From a Satisfied Customer

“Anna and the Complete Pest Control Solutions team completely eliminated our carpenter ant problem in just one visit! My family is ecstatic. Thanks guys!”

-Anita H.